Keynote: Michael Foord

July 3, 2013 by Danny Adair

Another great reason to join us at Kiwi PyCon...

Our Saturday Keynote Speech

Michael will give a Python "State of the Union" - what's going on with all the implementations and what's new in Python 3.3 / 3.4, followed by words of wisdom about being - and becoming - a core developer.

Michael about Michael

I've been developing with Python since 2002. I'm currently working for Canonical in the UK, doing web application development with Django.

I've written a book on Python, "IronPython in Action" [1] for Manning Publications.

I've been a Python core developer since 2007, with a particular interest in testing and testing tools. I particularly maintain the "unittest" library within the Python standard library. Alongside this I maintain "unittest2" [2], a backport of the newer features of Python to work with earlier versions of Python. "unittest2" is now bundled with Django, which is very pleasing.

Testing is an area I'm particularly passionate about as I believe it is one of the foundations of delivering quality software (and keeping developers sane).

My most successful open source project is "mock" [3], the most widely used Python mock object library, which has now been added to the Python standard library; included in Python 3.3 as "unittest.mock".

As a member of the Python Software Foundation I've been involved in organising PyCon in the US and PyCon UK, and in particular running the Python Language Summit, attended by core Python developers, at PyCon US.

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