Keynote speaker: Nick Coghlan

July 31, 2014 by Jen Zajac

Introducing one of our two keynote speakers, Nick Coghlan from sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Nick is a CPython core developer, a member of the board of directors for the Python Software Foundation, and is the author of several influential Python Enhancement Proposals. For the past few years (after more than 12 years in the aerospace and defence sector) he has been working on development and test infrastructure for Red Hat.

We're very happy to announce that he will be joining us at Kiwi PyCon this year. Here are some details on his keynote:

Python Beyond (C)Python: Adventures in Software Distribution

What do the University of Queensland's Sunshark solar racing project, the Australian Defence Force's high frequency radio communications infrastructure, and Red Hat's integration testing on IBM mainframes have to do with the evolution of Python's packaging infrastructure? They're the kinds of novel deployment environments that present challenges for packaging systems that go well beyond what most Software-as-a-Service focused tools can handle.

The current evolution of both the Python and Linux packaging ecosystems is aimed not only at addressing the common Software-as-a-Service use case, where open source technology already rules the world, but also extending the reach of open source software into more and more niches where proprietary software has so far remained dominant.

As the BDFL-Delegate for many packaging related Python Enhancement Proposals, Nick Coghlan is playing a key role in that evolution, and will be sharing some thoughts on where things stand today, and where he's pushing to take them in the future.