News roundup

Aug. 15, 2014 by Tom Eastman

Time flies! And it's now just under one month until Kiwi PyCon 2014 kicks off on the 12th of September in Newtown, Wellington.

We have a couple things to get through in today's update:

  • Registration and tutorials
  • Accommodation!
  • Financial aid
  • Dinner plans

Registration and tutorials

(tl; dr: act now to get the last tutorial spots! And register soon for the main event!)

We're thrilled to see the registration numbers climb -- as of this minute we've already sold almost almost half our tickets and the number is climbing by the hour.

If you are intending to come to Kiwi PyCon, don't delay but register as soon as you can! Our ticket prices are so cheap that it's hard to incentivise early sales (there's no point in having an 'early-bird' price when the main price is so affordable!), but if you register early you're really doing us a favour by helping us confirm numbers and solidify our plans.

Eventually there will be some firm deadlines, for example: "register before XXXX or you won't be guaranteed a T-Shirt in your size". Or you might even miss out on catering! We'll warn you when we're about to bump into one of those deadlines, but please, if you're going to come to Kiwi PyCon, tell us sooner rather than later!

As for tutorials -- you're very nearly out of luck! As I write this two tutorials are sold out, one has six places left, and the other has exactly ONE spot left (Maybe you should go and register for it then keep reading...).

The registration details are all at:

Better head there now, sign up, and then come back and read the rest.


(tl; dr: Book your accommodation soon soon like now soon we can't emphasize it enough kind of yesterday soon)

On the weekend of the 12th of September there is not only the best Python conference ever happening, but also an All Blacks vs South Africa match.

Hotels and accommodation are filling up fast! Wellington is not a small town but it's going to be filled to the brim. (Not to mention, with the general election the next week all sorts of other characters might be flitting into town)

The Kiwi PyCon team have managed to reserve sets of rooms at two hotels -- one in Kilburnie and one a bit out of town at Lower Hutt. The Kilburnie hotel is a short bus ride to the venue, and the Angus Hotel (Lower Hutt) is a longer ride but we'll be chartering a bus to and from the hotel.

However, you need to know that we can only hold onto these blocked bookings for about another week. After that they will be released again to be snapped up by the general non-Pythonista public, and we want to make sure you all have a place to stay before that happens!

Head to our accomdation page for the details on some hotels, don't wait till the week before the conference!

Financial Aid

(tl; dr: If you want to come but don't think you can afford it, ask for help!)

Once again this year, Kiwi PyCon has launched a financial aid program for those who wish to come to Kiwi PyCon but are worried about being able to afford it.

The details are all on the financial aid page but the low-down is: send an email to with the subject "Application for Financial Aid" with a brief rundown on who you are and what sort of assistance you're hoping to get, that is: we want to know if you just need help paying for the ticket, or if you need help with flights, or accommodation, or any combination of the above.

If you:

  • want to come to Kiwi PyCon, and
  • are not sure if you can, and
  • are not sure if you're the sort of person who can apply for financial aid, then:

let me answer: you are EXACTLY the sort of person who can apply for financial aid.

Dinner Plans

(tl; dr: Announcement and a new event on the registration page coming soon!)

The conference dinner will be on Saturday night, the final details are being pinned down now. We'll send out an announcement when the registration for the dinner opens, along with the details about time and location.

That's it for this edition, but look look out soon for some more announcements in the works!