Kiwi PyCon 2015: Keynote Speaker - Brenda Wallace

Sept. 1, 2015 by Marek Kuziel

We're very happy to report that New Zealand's own Brenda Wallace will be a keynote speaker for Kiwi PyCon 2015.

Brenda is a programmer at Rabid Tech, director of New Zealand Registry Services, and a council member for InternetNZ.

She was previously a Production Engineer at Weta Digital. She has worked in technical and team lead roles in Open source, mobile telecommunications, movie VFX, and electricity generation.

Come and get inspired at Brenda's keynote talk!

Brenda has been described as "the person I'd most want on my team if I were fighting against a killer-robot apocalypse."

We hope the robot singularity won't happen between September 4th - 6th, but just in case, make sure you come to Kiwi PyCon so you can be one of the survivors!

See you all in Christchurch!