Kiwi PyCon 2015: Reminders

Sept. 2, 2015 by Marek Kuziel

The conference is less than 48 hours away(!) so we thought to post a couple of reminders in case you have missed any of our previous announcements.


On Friday we will need a few of volunteers to help out our tutors who will be doing intro tutorials to Python.

If you are interested to help the tutors on Friday, please read

If you would like to help out the tutors, or in general, please get in touch:

Kiwi PyCon <>

Social events

We are going to Pomeroy's pub on Friday night and we will have a dinner at The Shilling Club on Saturday night.

If you want to attend the dinner you need to register:

Deadline for the dinner registration is tomorrow noon (Thu, Sep 3, 12pm).

Full information:


On Friday we will have a wide range of tutorials for you to choose from.

"Introduction to SaltStack" tutorial requires registration, so if you are planning to attend it, please register here:

Read more about the tutorials and their requirements here:


On Saturday, there will be PyLadies lunch.


Full information:

Development Sprints

On Friday, we will also do development sprints

Current sprint ideas:

  • Static blog Nikola:
  • PIP/packaging
  • CPython
  • Video demo for local meetups
  • ... <?insert_your_sprint_here?> ...

Full information: