Viral Marketing Competition for Booklet

Oct. 12, 2015 by Grant Paton-Simpson

Help us get the word out about Python's advantages to IT decision-makers and educators (and win prizes).

Short version

Let us know where you have distributed the Python Promotion Booklet and we'll award prizes to the best efforts (deadline Friday Dec 11th 2015).

Longer version

Python Promotion Booklet

NZPUG has produced the Python Promotion Booklet. It showcases Kiwi organisations that rely on Python including Weta Digital and Fisher & Paykel.

We hope the Booklet will:

  • encourage organisations to adopt Python for projects
  • make Python the main teaching language in tertiary institutions (and maybe secondary schools).

Which workplaces/organisations could you share the Booklet with? Lunch rooms can be a good place to leave a copy. Foyers can be appropriate in some cases. Or you could directly give one to a client or lecturer.

You can get copies via the Python meet-ups or ask to make other arrangements. There are already boxes of Booklets in some of the main centres ready to dish out.


Let us know what you've done and the NZPUG Committee will decide on some winners for the best promotion effort. The Committee's decision will be final, no correspondence will be entered into etc etc. We will take into account creativity and effectiveness.

All winners will be featured on the NZPUG website. The best promotion effort will appear as part of a poster at next year's Kiwi PyCon and will be mentioned in a lightning talk. All appropriate entries will be tweeted

  • The top winner will get a couple of NZPUG-branded 4GB usb drives and a choice of PyCon T-shirt (according to availability)
  • 2nd place will get 2 NZPUG-branded USB drives
  • 3rd place will get 1 NZPUG-branded USB drive


Send/tweet a photo of where you left the Booklet or just tell us as appropriate.

If tweeting use hash tag #kiwipybooklet

Don't troll anyone; don't do anything that will cause a backlash against NZPUG.


Friday Dec 11th 2015