Code of Conduct

The New Zealand Python User Group (NZPUG) aims to foster an inclusive community which invites diverse groups of people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, body size, race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexuality, disability or religion to discuss and learn about all things Python in an environment of mutual respect, tolerance and encouragement.

NZPUG organises and sponsors a diverse range of online and physical spaces including (but not limited to) the NZPUG mailing list, the Kiwi PyCon conference, the #nzpug IRC channel, and local Python meetups. In order to achieve our goals, we encourage all participants to create a friendly, welcoming environment for everyone involved.

We expect participants to treat each other respectfully. NZPUG will not tolerate any intimidation, harassment, and/or any abusive, discriminatory behaviour by any participants. The use of inappropriate, derogatory, and/or offensive content/behavior in any of these spaces is strictly prohibited. The NZPUG committee has the final decision on what is acceptable behavior. A breach of conduct may lead to disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal from the NZPUG related events and spaces.

If you see or hear something that makes you uncomfortable, we encourage you to make a complaint. To make a complaint:

  1. Contact the organisers of the event (if applicable), or the NZPUG committee (
  2. You may also contact any member of the committee individually.

If you make a complaint, the NZPUG committee undertake to:

  1. Keep your identity private, maintaining your anonymity.
  2. Take your complaint seriously, investigate the incident, and take any action we deem necessary.
  3. The committee may, at its discretion, publish a ‘transparency report’ to the NZPUG mailing list that includes the nature of the complaint and what the committee decided to do about it. These reports help us inform the community of the actions the committee have taken, and will be published unless there’s a good reason not to. In all cases, the offender and the complainant will be made anonymous in any such report.

NZPUG may take any or all of the following measures:

NZPUG is aware of the responsibility required to ensure a successful and productive community now and in years to come, and will take appropriate measures after an incident occurs to prevent it from happening again.