Financial Aid

Kiwi PyCon provides financial aid to those who otherwise would not be able to attend.

We strongly encourage people to apply for financial aid -- some attendees, speakers, tutorial presenters, etc. may have some, or in rare cases, all of their expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration fee provided to them from the (humble) Kiwi PyCon bud­get. The application process is simple, and straight forward. It’s also very liberal -- the only caveat is that accepted speakers are given priority so that we don’t lose a good talk because of financial need. We also don’t ban anyone from applying.

Essentially, the financial aid programme is the PyCon Outreach programme - it's the community holding up the community and making itself accessible at this major event through these financial grants. It is the very spirit of the conference; make the information, knowledge, friendships and connection available to everyone.


To apply for Financial Aid, please email