Conference Schedule

Friday — 09 Sep 2016

  Fullwood Conference 1 Conference 2
09:00AM Conference Opening
09:20AM What's holding you back from connecting with others? Lucy Bain
10:30AM Morning Tea
11:00AM Python Basics Plus Grant Paton-Simpson Some 10,000ft views of DNA Sequence Data using Python and R Alan McCulloch await kittens() Lee Symes
11:50AM Auckland Transport APIs Tomislav Skunca More testing with fewer tests Clinton Roy
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM Web Development with Python Flask Lilly Ryan Use Workflow-as-a-Service without writing python code Lingxian Kong Hear no evil, see no evil, patch no evil: Or, how to monkey-patch safely. Graham Dumpleton
02:20PM Leveraging Python to Automate GIS Processes and Provide Extended Analytical Capabilities Hamish Kingsbury, Neal Johnston Graphing when your Facebook friends are awake Alexander Hogue
03:00PM Afternoon Tea
03:30PM A path to multi(arbitrary)-precision, distributed scientific computation with Python3. Boris Daszuta Rust for Pythonistas Robert Collins

Lightning Talks


Mystery Event!

Saturday — 10 Sep 2016

  Fullwood Conference 1 Conference 2
09:00AM Ethics in the early days: politics and the computing profession Janet Toland
10:10AM Morning Tea
10:40AM Workshop - Young Coders - Educators Bayard Randel Brainstorm your own Artificial Neural Network in Python Holger Spill SSL all the things Markus Holtermann
11:30AM Making sense of Tim McNamara The Power ⚡️ and Responsibility 😓 of Unicode Adoption ✨ Katie McLaughlin
12:10PM Lunch
01:10PM Hardware Hacking with Python for Beginners Paul Campbell Universal Second Factor authentication, or why 2FA today is wubalubadubdub? Yuriy Ackermann Middle-Out Python Development Ben Shaw
02:00PM PygData : Python in BigData Krupesh Desai Making randomly generated guitar effect patches that don't sound terrible Steve Baker
02:40PM Afternoon Tea
03:10PM Warpdrive, making Python web application deployment magically easy. Graham Dumpleton Practical Python Async for Dummies Grant Paton-Simpson
03:50PM Poster Session
04:30PM Scientific Hooliganism - what we can learn from the first hack in history Lilly Ryan
05:20PM Lightning Talks

Conference Dinner

Sunday — 11 Sep 2016

  Fullwood Conference 1 Conference 2
09:00AM Tai Chi Principles for Mindful Programmers Barry Warsaw
10:10AM Morning Tea

Young Coders
Learn python programming with Minecraft and Raspberry Pis.

Digital image processing - From atom to pixel and back Alex Dong Making the web go fast with jelly snakes and raspberry twizzlers Jack Skinner

Hack Session


12:10PM Lunch
01:10PM Bluetooth Low Energy Jeremy Stott Deciding between continuity and change in your Open Source communtiy Christopher Neugebauer

Young Coders
Learn python programming with Minecraft and Raspberry Pis.

How Python is Powering Software Defined Networking Nathan Tallack Golang for Python Devs Dana Garifullina
02:40PM Afternoon Tea
03:10PM Preventing Cat-astrophes with GNU MediaGoblin Ben Sturmfels The dangerous, exquisite art of safely handing user-uploaded files Tom Eastman
03:50PM Conference Closing