Conference Schedule

Saturday — 02 Dec 2017

  Auditorium Classroom
09:00AM Conference Opening

Keynote: Lynn Root

10:30AM Morning Tea
11:00AM Spatial Circumstances- Python use in government to extend GIS functionality Peter King Rapid Development With Docker Compose Justin Crown
12:30PM Lunch
01:30PM Using Node.js/npm with Python/setuptools - a lesson on staying calm. Tommy Yu
02:20PM Demystefying Setuptools Entry Points Phoenix Zerin Nikola William Mckee
03:00PM Afternoon Tea
03:30PM Python powered game development with Unreal Engine 4 Samuel Bishop State Machines Clinton Roy
04:20PM Rage Against The Learning Machine errazudin ishak Python logging 101 Michael Sverdlik
06:00PM Conference Dinner

Sunday — 03 Dec 2017

  Auditorium Classroom
09:20AM Morning Tea
09:50AM Hunting real bugs with Python Holger Spill Client Server Model utilizing System D-Bus for communication and the pydbus library Ian Stewart
10:40AM Lightning Talks
12:10PM Lunch
01:10PM See New Things and Act John Graves Using Recombination to Distinguish Between Class IV Machines and Class III Machines. Phillip Smith
02:00PM Analysing Data with Python and BigQuery Tom Clark
02:40PM Afternoon Tea
03:10PM Serverless APIs with Python, AWS Lambda & API Gateway Hamish Campbell Introducing GeoPandas Alex Raichev
03:50PM Conference Closing