Friday 11:50 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Auckland Transport APIs

Tomislav Skunca

Audience level:


Presenting currently available transport-related APIs in Auckland. What is currently available, limitations, opportunities and future plans.



My name is Tomislav Skunca and I work for Propellerhead, a software development services company in Auckland. We have been heavily involved in creating the public API layer used to expose Auckland Transport data to the world so we're in a good position to present it to the developer community.


Auckland Transport has created a set of APIs and made them public in Q1 2015 with live data appearing in those APIs later in the year. Here I would like to spread the awareness of the APIs, talk on where they are right now, challenges and future plans.

The APIs expose the real-time position of busses (trains and ferries will be present soon), routes, trips and other details related to public transport. There are also several APIs that expose parking information and scheduled roadwork notifications.


I would like to present a demo Python project that shows off the API in all its glory. All code would be available on Github.