Friday 1:30 p.m.–4:10 p.m.

Web Development with Python Flask

Lilly Ryan

Audience level:


In this workshop we will take you through the fundamentals of creating websites using Python Flask. After the workshop you should have a rough idea of how websites work and some good pointers for going further. We only expect you to know a little Python. Don’t worry if you know only a little HTML or none at all. We’ll be looking at how it all works rather than how to make it look pretty.


This workshop is a gentle introduction to using Python and Python Flask in order to understand how basic web development works. It is hands-on and participants can work at their own pace - a product of the OpenTechSchool, following our workshop material here: Workshop participants only require a very basic knowledge of Python and the command line. The material will explore basic HTTP protocol, HTML, CSS, and Python Flask. It is aimed at anyone who would like to understand more about web development and use some Python in the process! It can be run for a minimum of two hours, or a maximum of four, depending on what the schedule allows.

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