Saturday 2 p.m.–2:40 p.m.

Making randomly generated guitar effect patches that don't sound terrible

Steve Baker

Audience level:


Modern guitar effects processors are available which have flexible and complex signal processing pipelines and can be controlled remotely via MIDI. I attempt to use python to create good and interesting sounds by randomly generating effects patches.


Effects units such as the Boss GT-100 effects processor are very capable devices where any parameter which can be set through the user interface can also be set via a MIDI signal.

This raises the question, what could be done with such an effects processor if it was controlled by a python based tool? Basic effects patch management is the obvious first choice, but then what? I endeavour to find out if it is possible to create unique, good and interesting sounds by randomly generating many effects patches.

This talk will run through the python based tools I developed for doing this, along with an overview of the python libraries which enabled this project. A rundown of the tools which do the following will be presented:

Some results of this effort will be presented, earplugs are probably not required.