Saturday 11 a.m.–11:40 a.m.

Rapid Development With Docker Compose

Justin Crown

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Local development is easy, until you get down to the nitty gritty of dealing with your environment, backend services, reproducibility, and deployment. Developing with docker-compose provides an opportunity to get up and running quickly and to share your work with others, regardless of their operating system or tooling. This talk will take you through the process from start to finish.



This talk will take attendees through the full process of setting up a Django Rest Framework project using docker and docker-compose, from initial setup to deployment. At the end of the talk, attendees will be running a basic application using docker-compose to create a full web stack, including MySQL, Nginx, and Redis.

Topics Covered

Notes: Although not required, participants have the option of "playing along", running the docker-compose stack on their own workstation as the talk progresses. If you wish to participate in this manner, please follow the instructions in the README of the following code repository to get set up: