Sunday 9:50 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Client Server Model utilizing System D-Bus for communication and the pydbus library

Ian Stewart

Audience level:


The client server model of programming implemented by utilizing the System D-Bus as the path for communication. The System D-Bus has the advantages that server processes will continue to run if the User logs out and systemd auto-starts the servers on booting. The method of communication over the D-Bus is through using the pydbus library. A Raspberry Pi will be used for a demonstration.


The presentation includes a slide show that covers:

An initial demonstration of the client/server scenario will be performed on the laptop used to deliver the presentation.

A more practical demonstration will be provided using a Raspberry Pi. Data is presented to some of its GPIO ports. The server applications capture the data and process it. The servers broadcast the results through the System D-Bus. A GTK based GUI client application monitors the System D-Bus and displays the servers data. The GUI client may also perform method calls through the System D-Bus to the server processes. This allows the GUI client to control the server.