Saturday 3:30 p.m.–4:10 p.m.

Python powered game development with Unreal Engine 4

Samuel Bishop

Audience level:


Modern game development is dominated by C and C++, with the recent introduction of C# because of Unity. While Python may not be the best choice to write a 3d graphics engine, its completely capable of powering the rest of a game. This presentation is for aspiring game developers who want to discover how they can use Python in Unreal Engine 4 for game logic and more.


This talk will be presented entirely inside Unreal Engine 4, with each example demonstrated live inside the game engine, running in real time, and powered by Python. In order to better show just what that means, I have uploaded a video to youtube showing off a simple demo of running my presentation inside unreal engine, with python code alongside the live demonstration of what the code does in the game engine. Demo Video -

It will start with a very quick introduction to Unreal Engine 4 for those unfamiliar with it. Following this I will give an overview of how the integration works, and explain some of the different ways this can be used. Moving on to the interactive functionality demonstrations I will walk the audience through several examples of how Python can be used to power behaviour and interaction in Unreal Engine 4.