Kiwi PyCon 2016 includes a number of tutorials and workshops that are free to attend for conference delegates. All tutorials require registration, as space is limited.

Please check the tutorial descriptions carefully, as some will require you to bring your own laptop.

Python Basics Plus

We'll be covering some Python basics with a mix of content ranging from beginner to intermediate. Ideally there should be something for everyone.

Web Development with Python Flask

In this workshop we will take you through the fundamentals of creating websites using Python Flask. After the workshop you should have a rough idea of how websites work and some good pointers for going further. We only expect you to know a little Python. Don’t worry if you know only a little HTML or none at all. We’ll be looking at how it all works rather than how to make it look pretty.

Young Coders - Educators

This workshop teaches introductory python programming and physical computing concepts with Minecraft Pi edition (programmable with Python, unlike the standard Minecraft client) on Raspberry Pi computers. The workshop has an open format, inviting discussion around technology and coding education. With support from industry engineers, attendees will walk through the workshop content that will be delivered to children on the following day.

Hardware Hacking with Python for Beginners

Learn to use python to talk to simple hardware, wiring up LEDs, switches, and motors. Run by hardware and electronics guru, Paul Campbell.